Walking (Eating) Tour of Downtown Durham

We're officially four days past our due date now, which means we're about halfway through the Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures list from The Birth Partner. (May I interest you in a few drops of blue cohosh under the tongue?)


After a very reaffirming checkup and ultrasound today, we decided it was time for a treat and a walk. At the suggestion of one of the midwives, we went on a little adventure around downtown Durham to try to get the baby moving (while treating ourselves to a fantastic afternoon full of new memories and good eats). It felt like hard work in the 90° heat (really, it was only 0.8 miles!), and I broke all of my "rules" about gluten and healthy eating, but every step bite was worth it.


Durhamites, how many of those photos can you identify from the pictures? Okay, here's a cheat sheet. Clockwise, from the top left (though slightly out of chronological order):

The final stop on the tour was Loaf, which was all out of almond croissants (they are the best ever, so it's no wonder). But we thoroughly enjoyed our second choice, Pain au Chocolate, on a fancy silver plate back at the house.

For all my Facebook friends and Instagram followers, I apologize for the food photo flood! But Vance and I really did have the best time walking all over town eating amazing food, so it was worth it.

Cletus the Fetus is still happily in utero, surely by now quite well fed for the day.