Two Months with Misha

We made it through another month! Misha's growth is off the charts (length-wise he's in the 98th percentile) and every day I find myself tearfully moving some of his things to the "he outgrew this" box under the crib. Sniff. If I blink I'm certain he'll be asking for the car keys. (The answer is no.)

2 month photo

He's grown so much in the last month! Just look at that big smooshy chin.

1 month photo

This month Misha got to have nice long visits with both sets of grandparents. He's been spoiled for cuddles while I've been spoiled for help around the house! We've also had the pleasure of dining out a few times without a baby strapped to one of us. It's a luxury to eat without worrying about dropping food on the baby's head. Or coffee. Which definitely didn't happen. Okay maybe a little.

Speaking of the baby's head, "cradle cap" seems to be a very nice way of saying, "Your baby's head smells like cheese." This poor child definitely ended up with his mother's sensitive skin. Sorry, kid.


Misha is loving bath time, the big metal "EAT" sign in our kitchen, ceiling fans, his thrush medicine, and lullabye renditions of Michael Jackson music. I treasure his sweet expressions; that toothless grin can restore me after the longest of days.

He still fits into most of his newborn cloth diapers, but barely. Those 0-3 month outfits are getting a lot of play these days because they're about to be retired, too. And he's days away from outgrowing his bassinet, when he'll have to relocate to his nursery a few steps from our room. Too soon, too soon.

While Misha is learning faces, cause and effect, and how to hold his head up without smashing it into the nearest blunt object, I'm back at work skilling up on a new programming language and database. His wide open grin at experiencing something new for the first time reminds me to take pleasure in all of the learning I have ahead of me.

Misha is asleep in his crib for the first stretch of nighttime sleep, a bit of adult time Vance and I have quickly grown to cherish.