Three Months with Misha

Yesterday was a big day for us: we threw the first real dinner party since Misha came into our lives. It was an all-day affair punctuated by the cries of a baby who refused to nap after an impossibly hard night of the same. Somehow between the two of us we managed a four-course meal with Alex and Maria, which was its own reward. Love them.

Misha at Three Months

Yesterday was also Misha’s three-month birthday. Which according to all of the advice we’ve gotten means he’ll sleep better, poop less often, and generally be happier earthside, seeing as his fourth trimester is officially over.

One can hope.

This month has been defined by transition, daycare being the biggest. Misha seems to love his new weekday environment, starting each morning on the floor gazing at himself in the mirror, going for walks strapped to Carol, guzzling precious pumped milk from fancy bottles. His joy has made my transition back to work much easier than I feared it might be. I am thrilled to see him at the end of each day.

But for all the smiles we’ve Instagrammed over the past few weeks, there have been many more moments of exhaustion and helplessness as days go by where too few hours of sleep accumulate. After rolling over for the first time on October 16th, we started the long, hard journey away from the swaddle and into the crib. This transition has been the hardest yet, but last night — the night of his three-month birthday — we may have turned a corner. Of course, the extra hour of sleep from the time change couldn't hurt.


Misha loves: Smiling at his reflection in the mirror (smiling all the time, really), batting at toys hanging overhead, coming along for walks outside, looking at pictures while I read to him from cooking magazines, rolling over onto his belly, and (most of all) stuffing his whole hand into his mouth.

He's taken a liking to one of my personal favorites among his small toy collection, grasping it and shoving it into his mouth as he listens to the clink-clinking of the wooden balls sliding along a network of dowels. He seems interested in sitting up, though that milestone is still a ways off. He fills his diaper 6 times on a slow day.

Misha is emerging from a Sunday afternoon nap with Vance, fussing over the state of his very wet diaper.