Ten Months with Misha

I just told Jamie that if I were to write this month's blog post, it would probably begin, "It's been another hard month ..." Which is kinda true. Misha is not what you would call a "gateway" baby. Little dude is not the perfect little angel that lulls first-time parents into thinking that a second kid would be a piece of cake. He is the type that makes one think long and hard about the coming hours, let alone the coming years and plans for the future. Really he isn't that hard, it's just that Misha has never slept more than 4 continuous hours in his life. They say, "make sure he naps!" Thirty minutes or three hours, no difference with regard to his evening. They say, "When he starts solid foods ..." A pile of beans and rice with banana chaser might buy us an extra thirty minutes on the first stretch, but certainly not 6 hours. As long as the sun is up, Misha is the most perfect baby in the world, once the night begins all bets are off.


But, as they say, he does have his redeeming qualities. Sure, little man cannot be bothered to sleep. Still ... HE IS AWESOME! I love our little ball of energy, curiosity, and babbling. Though maddening there is something sweet about walking into his room at 3am to see him grinning and having a dance party in his crib. I love his inquisitiveness and the way that he reaches out with a point to every object with a "DA" or "BA" or "DABABADAMABADA ... pffft" He is doing some really surprising things like putting the proper shapes in the proper holes on his shape sorter and maneuvering blocks over poles on stacking toys. He is crawling like a little madman and has recently taken to acknowledging that you are asking him to stop, but continuing on anyway (I'm sure there is lots more of this in the future). Suddenly spoons aren't the worst thing in the world (most of the time), beans are incredible, and his sippy cup (which he can work) is his favorite new device. There is nothing better than walking into a room only to see his little five-tooth smile light up as his beelines towards Jamie and I or to see him waving both arms like a bird when he sees Chester running around. Daily I am fascinated by the new uses that he finds for his toys or fine motor skill he has acquired.

So sure ... dude is tough ... but dude is awesome. They all said that it would get easier, it hasn't, but it is getting more fun. Which makes it seem easier. All of the pain and frustration of another tough night seems to melt away in the presence of pure curiosity, love, and joy. I can't wait to see what the coming months bring.

Little Dude's Currents

  • Probably 20 pounds
  • Loves black beans and water from my glass
  • Pulling up on everything
  • Five (Nearly six) teeth
  • So many babbled syllables in so many joyful combinations
  • Favorite toy is still the shape sorter

It's 9:10 PM. Which means Misha is currently sleeping. For approximately 20 more minutes.