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Misha's Birth Story

This was not the birth story we had written. The intervention-free, natural hospital birth surrounded only by a midwife, a doula, a supportive husband, and a birth photographer. This was instead an epic adventure, where in the end control was loosed, hard decisions were made, and our son's first experience in this world was not the embrace of his mother, but the sight of our incredible midwife and the kindest OB under the bright lights of an operating room.



Labor started slowly sometime Saturday evening, July 26th. We had made a trip to Coon Rock Farm earlier in the day to buy some lamb and eggplant for a Moroccan tagine. (It's an old wive's tale that eggplant induces labor,

Packing The Hospital Bag

We're in the home stretch now. I've passed the 39 week mark; every day could easily be the last day it's just the two of us. This is both wonderful and frightful. So much will change, and there's only so much of that change we can really feel prepared for. I suppose this is part of where the "nesting" instinct comes in: that uncontrollable urge to prepare a home for a child on the way, leaving…