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Five Months with Misha

WHAT! It's been five months already. Five. Unbelievable. The pages of our little family's story are flipping by almost too quickly to process, yet it's hard to remember a time before Misha was with us. This truly is the "longest shortest time." I have discovered in myself a tendency to make much of every small thing these days. "Look at him grabbing his toes! That's NEW!" I have loads of these little snapshots piling up in…

Four Months with Misha

Misha is four months old today! November was a big month for him: his first Thanksgiving, first visit to the house in Brevard, first long car ride, first head cold, first plague he’s brought down on the whole family… While Misha has pulled through the worst of it, Vance and I are still battling what I’ve determined to be sinusitis. I may have no medical training whatsoever, but I have Google, and that’s…

Window panes

The introduction to this year’s Trinity Park Home Tour guide included a note about how the author loves to walk the neighborhood streets in the evening because everyone has their lights on, windows open. It’s true, too. You get this beautiful glimpse of real people living real lives, writing new history in historical homes. Photo by Rebecca Ames Photography Vance reminded me of this on our drive home tonight from church, early again, because…

Three Months with Misha

Yesterday was a big day for us: we threw the first real dinner party since Misha came into our lives. It was an all-day affair punctuated by the cries of a baby who refused to nap after an impossibly hard night of the same. Somehow between the two of us we managed a four-course meal with Alex and Maria, which was its own reward. Love them. Yesterday was also Misha’s three-month birthday. Which according to…

Photographers for a day

Vance and I went to the Midwifery at Women's Health Alliance 3 year birthday party today and had a great time catching up with all of the people who participated in Misha's care (before, during, and after birth). Dr. Gunter and Jualeah, the heroes of Misha's birth story, got to see how much our little guy has grown since his grand entrance 10 weeks ago.


Of course we couldn't leave without taking a few photos with Team Cletus first, at which point we were outed as having a decent camera and a willingness to click the shutter. The result was about 50 beautiful photos of friends and strangers, as well as a sweet new addition to Vance's wardrobe.

Team Cletus Most of

Two Months with Misha

We made it through another month! Misha's growth is off the charts (length-wise he's in the 98th percentile) and every day I find myself tearfully moving some of his things to the "he outgrew this" box under the crib. Sniff. If I blink I'm certain he'll be asking for the car keys. (The answer is no.) He's grown so much in the last month! Just look at that big smooshy chin. This month Misha got to…