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Photographers for a day

Vance and I went to the Midwifery at Women's Health Alliance 3 year birthday party today and had a great time catching up with all of the people who participated in Misha's care (before, during, and after birth). Dr. Gunter and Jualeah, the heroes of Misha's birth story, got to see how much our little guy has grown since his grand entrance 10 weeks ago.


Of course we couldn't leave without taking a few photos with Team Cletus first, at which point we were outed as having a decent camera and a willingness to click the shutter. The result was about 50 beautiful photos of friends and strangers, as well as a sweet new addition to Vance's wardrobe.

Team Cletus Most of

Two Months with Misha

We made it through another month! Misha's growth is off the charts (length-wise he's in the 98th percentile) and every day I find myself tearfully moving some of his things to the "he outgrew this" box under the crib. Sniff. If I blink I'm certain he'll be asking for the car keys. (The answer is no.) He's grown so much in the last month! Just look at that big smooshy chin. This month Misha got to…

We survived baby boot camp. (And so can you.)

A strange thing happens when all of the help that surrounds you after the first days of parenthood leaves: you're on your own. With this tiny human relying on you to make sane decisions and feed, clothe, and bathe BOTH OF YOU and generally have some idea what the heck you're doing. As if any brand new parent does. You're left with your instincts and your stretchy pants and the pack of wipes you stole from…

Misha's Birth Story

This was not the birth story we had written. The intervention-free, natural hospital birth surrounded only by a midwife, a doula, a supportive husband, and a birth photographer. This was instead an epic adventure, where in the end control was loosed, hard decisions were made, and our son's first experience in this world was not the embrace of his mother, but the sight of our incredible midwife and the kindest OB under the bright lights of an operating room.



Labor started slowly sometime Saturday evening, July 26th. We had made a trip to Coon Rock Farm earlier in the day to buy some lamb and eggplant for a Moroccan tagine. (It's an old wive's tale that eggplant induces labor,

One month with Misha

It's hard to believe Misha has been here a month already. Maybe it's the sleepless nights, but it has felt more like days than weeks since his arrival on the first of August. Misha is adjusting to the world at his own pace, learning how to use his hands, becoming fixated by simple scenes (his wallpaper is a favorite), breaking free of his swaddle, and battling an adorable case of baby acne. He's getting better at…

Why we chose a midwife

When Vance and I opened our minds to the possibility of having a little one of our own, a lot of things were unclear: when would she or he arrive? What would childcare look like when I went back to work? Would we dare to use cloth diapers? One thing was always clear, though: as long as the pregnancy remained low-risk, I'd see a midwife for both prenatal care and the delivery. A few years ago,…