One month with Misha

It's hard to believe Misha has been here a month already. Maybe it's the sleepless nights, but it has felt more like days than weeks since his arrival on the first of August.

Misha is adjusting to the world at his own pace, learning how to use his hands, becoming fixated by simple scenes (his wallpaper is a favorite), breaking free of his swaddle, and battling an adorable case of baby acne. He's getting better at holding his head up and is totally unfazed by Chester's outbursts. Misha has the happiest toothless grin, amidst his many other facial expressions (one of my favorites is his "om" face, which he makes as he settles down after a fit of crying). I suspect he'll grow up to be a bit like me in that sense — a face for every emotion, and every emotion [involuntarily] on the face.

Here he was a little more than a week old in his newborn photos, weighing in at about 7.5 lb:

1 week

And here he is now, nearly 10 lbs, alert, and all uncurled:

1 month

As much as he's grown and changed, he still has that brand new baby smell. His tiny nose and big soft fontanelle are just as I remember them being the first time I met him.

Between the 12-13 diapers a day (and 10-12 feedings) we're savoring every precious moment. Happy birthday little guy.

Misha is half-asleep in his vibrating chair, arms and legs caught up in a swaddle, trying to get the pacifier back into his mouth by pushing his sweet face into it.