Nine Months with Misha

Our little gentleman is nine months old today. It’s been a big month!

Misha Monthly

The first top tooth. I am still mourning its arrival, as it means the last flash of his gummy smile has been seen. (Obviously I was not ready to say goodbye to it.) Even more devastating: nursing has me on the edge of my seat. YOWZA.

Dance parties. Misha can’t walk yet, but boy can he dance. He’s pulling up, bending his knees, giggling, and stumbling about. He occasionally falls asleep standing at his crib rails. It is the cutest drunkest thing. (Yes, we lowered the crib mattress.)

Championship crawling. The real kind. The belly-off-the-floor, now-I-can-eat-teething-biscuits kind. They really say that on the package: “must be able to crawl with belly off the floor.” Anyway, you’re free to chew now, dude.

Speaking of chewing. Suddenly Misha has decided that we aren’t the Worst. Parents. On. Earth. when we put a spoon in his mouth or food on his tray. I think he experienced early onset peer pressure watching all of the other babies at daycare gobble down their breakfasts. Sorry, not sorry. His current favorites are beans, spicy beans, plain beans, black beans, pinto beans, green bean purée, carrot purée (preferably with beans), and did I mention beans. Oh, and some homemade butternut squash and pear “soup” I made on a whim. Score.

Visit from G-Ma and G-Pa. We had a great time last weekend hanging out and surprising Vance with a load of new plants and general landscaping clean-up. Now we have the task of keeping it all alive…

Another home tour. We took mom and dad on a tour of The Architecture of George Watts Carr. These tours are so fascinating — if you haven’t done one, you should jump at the chance.

8 Nights of Airbnb. Full Frame and a 25-year Duke Reunion brought us a house full of laughter, great conversation, and only one incident of the police being called for a false alarm. :)


Misha is tucked under in his crib, blissfully asleep.