Hello, world.

So much "new" is happening now, it seemed apropos to write about it on yet another new thing: this blog. New baby (due any day now), new home, new adventures every day brought on by both.


We've spent a lot of time lately making old things new, fixing things up around the house ahead of our little one's arrival and crafting in one way or another. As I write this, Vance is down in the basement working on an industrial garment rack made of simple pipe and reclaimed wood, to give people who come to visit us a place to hang their things. (That coat closet just doesn't say, "Stay a while!")

garment rack in progress

This blog is something I've been hesitating on, yet planning to start anyway, for months. Mostly because our family and friends are spread far and wide, but also because if I've heard one piece of advice on repeat, it's that this time will pass so fast — savor every moment. I can't bear the thought of Facebook being the sole repository of our shared memories.

If you're wondering when we ever rest, the short answer is that our creative time is our rest, and in the last days or weeks before we officially become parents, we're spending as much time as possible doing just that. My own ability to truly rest has been replaced by a persistent discomfort in literally every position, and a mind that won't stop racing with every to-do and what-if I can imagine.

But with the nursery nearly done, the diapers prepped and lanolized, the bassinet assembled and car seat installed... With the books read and classes finished and doula hired... With the new roof complete and insulation sprayed, there is nothing more for us to do but wait. And there is at least some rest in that.

Cletus the Fetus is currently resting, after a long day stretching his tiny legs into the far reaches of my abdomen.

Featured Image Credit: Rebecca Ames Photography