Four Months with Misha

Misha is four months old today! November was a big month for him: his first Thanksgiving, first visit to the house in Brevard, first long car ride, first head cold, first plague he’s brought down on the whole family…

Four Month Birthday Photo

While Misha has pulled through the worst of it, Vance and I are still battling what I’ve determined to be sinusitis. I may have no medical training whatsoever, but I have Google, and that’s basically the same thing.

So we took this awkward family photo to commemorate the first illness he brought home from daycare and "shared" with mom and dad:


You know you wanna pin that one.

Anyway, you know that drive we'd been dreading for weeks? The 5-hour one between here and Brevard? Piece of cake. About an hour longer than we'd hoped it would be, but not because we had a screaming horror show going on in the back seat, as we had feared. (Just the usual rubber-necking over a minor fender-bender on the side of the highway.)

Misha finally slept in his carseat. And not just a few accidental naps. He slept like all the parents of littles promised babies do in their carseats. Even with a curious dachshund sniffing and licking his hand periodically. (Like dog, like son.)

Vance cooking

Somehow Thanksgiving dinner ended up on the table despite the family plague, and it was a good one at that! (Vance gets 100% of the credit for this particular miracle.)

Thanksgiving meal

We feasted on turkey roulade with chestnut stuffing, extra-buttery mashed potatoes and gravy, brussels sprouts with chantrelles and bacon, cranberry sauce, and maple pot de créme. (That last one ended up a little like scrambled eggs with maple syrup. But in a good way.)

We also FaceTimed both of our families, which was almost as good as the real thing. As our Colorado kin passed Vance's old MacBook from grandparent to great-grandparent to aunt, uncle and cousin, I couldn't help but think we were living out an Apple commerical.

Before we left the mountains, we also managed to get in a mini photo shoot with the help of a tripod and a remote shutter control. (How have we been doing family photos without those all these years?) So we may actually manage to get Christmas cards out before New Years!

Vance and son


Misha loves chattering away, laugh competitions with mom and dad, his Skwish rattle, “naked time,” and dancing his socks off. (No, literally.) His new habit of smiling wide as the day is long when he’s done breastfeeding is the best antidote to his infuriating intolerance of being laid back down to sleep in the middle of the night. Which reminds me of his current very favorite thing: bedsharing with mom and dad when everyone passes out during a night feeding. Whoops.

(Mom doesn’t mind.)

(Dad does.)

Misha has finally drifted off to sleep in his crib, to the sound of Deuter on the Jambox.