Five Months with Misha

WHAT! It's been five months already. Five. Unbelievable.

The pages of our little family's story are flipping by almost too quickly to process, yet it's hard to remember a time before Misha was with us. This truly is the "longest shortest time."

5 months Misha

I have discovered in myself a tendency to make much of every small thing these days. "Look at him grabbing his toes! That's NEW!" I have loads of these little snapshots piling up in my mind. They are my treasures — treasures I really can't share with anyone because a picture cannot contain the bigness of these tiny moments. They'll never mean as much to anyone else as they do to me. I am unrecognizably gooey and sentimental and I'm okay with it because there is truly nothing more delicious than the sweet smell of your baby's head, the tickle of his whispy hair on your nose.


December was a month filled with more firsts...

  • First plane ride
  • First dance (the honor went to my Aunt Jane)
  • First Christmas!
  • First trip to Florida
  • First nail clipping

...and more new habits...

  • Scratching his head (until it bleeds, sigh)
  • Grabbing at the big, dangerously heavy mirror above his changing table
  • Picking both feet up and slamming them down on the mattress as he fights going to sleep
  • Playing with his fingertips (again, while fighting going to sleep)
  • Grabbing my glasses and pulling them off my face
  • Scratching circles in my chest with his tiny dagger nails while he eats...

...and more new loves...

  • Grabbing his toes while I'm trying to put his pants on
  • Pushing up with his arms into "baby seal" pose
  • Sitting on Vance's lap when we eat out
  • Laughing uncontrollably at the sight of my face each morning

...and more big events...

  • His baby dedication
  • His Uncle Allen's wedding
  • His second round of immunizations
  • Tipping the scales at 15 lb

Happy Five Months, little one, and Happy New Year to every one!

Misha is slowly falling asleep in his crib, thwarting our attempt at protecting his head by scratching right through his little hat.