11 Months with Misha

Well, there went June. I blinked, and it was gone.

11 month misha

Misha's eleventh month was full. I started a new job as an engineer at GitHub, where I managed to get a sizable pull request opened in my first week. (Achievement: unlocked.) A training session brought me to Atlanta this week, my second trip away from Misha and third time pumping around work meetings and airport travel. I have mastered the public-restroom breast pump juggling routine, but not without a serious grump in the Atlanta airport, where there are no pumping rooms (but there are plenty of smoking lounges).

A week after I started the new job, we drove to Brevard to visit my parents (Misha's G-Ma and G-Pa), where Vance and dad rebuilt the dock down by the lake. Each day I watched as a stack of new, clean timber was replaced with a pile of rotted, greying wood, as each board was pried off the dock and replaced.


By Thursday of that week, almost everyone had come down with a nasty bug. Misha and I enjoyed the combined horror of an ear infection and altitude change.

Vance also started his North Carolina Cooperative Research Experience internship this month. He'll be getting a crash course in clinical research and working with a team to author a published article on factors that either support or prevent mothers of very low birth weight babies for continuing to breastfeed. It's all very fancy sounding and right up our alley.

So it begins #nccresearchintern

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And then there's our baby, whose personality is flourishing and whose attachment and love for us is only growing. Misha is babbling in long strings of incoherent words, teetering along after his weerol, and eating like a champ.

Possibly the most stylish baby in Durham today

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Month 11 Firsts

  • First ear infection (and first round of antibiotics)
  • First splash in his baby pool
  • First time standing (for just a moment) unassisted
  • First (and only) time sleeping six hours straight
  • First time successfully drinking through a normal straw cup


  • Sleep: 3-4 hours at a stretch, in the crib, on his sheepskin, with a lovey
  • Teeth: 5.5 (one has been begging to poke through for weeks)
  • Favorite new food: Salmon
  • Clothing size: 12 months
  • Favorite book: Hungry Hungry Caterpillar
  • Favorite toys: bouncing balls, stacking tree, kitchen sets
  • Favorite foods: Salmon, beans, bananas, roasted summer squash, quinoa-apple baby cereal, whatever's on our plates
  • Habits: Scratching his legs, throwing toys and pacifier out of the crib
  • Favorite gear: The ezpz Happy Bowl

Misha is asleep in his crib, exhausted after less than one hour of naps today. Our hearts are full.